Grand Launch Of Zishta Store In Chennai


Zishta launched their first store in Chennai with their traditional products catering to an entire household. Dr. Anita R. Ratnam and Chitra Murali inaugurated the launch.

Dr. Anita R Ratnam, classical and contemporary choreographer and dancer based in Chennai said, “The precious knowledge of traditional cooking has been refreshed for today. As the global mantra seems to be BACK TO NATURE, the product range at Zishta reflects an Indian soul with the international appeal


Chitra Murali, a well-known face for the art of traditional cooking through her YouTube videos said, “Many have been asking to see and buy Zishta products. Now everyone can come and see, feel and experience the complete range of traditional products of Zishta in Chennai.


Varishta Sampath (Co-founder of Zishta) said, “Our dream to have Zishta retail in Chennai is now a reality and we are grateful to our well-wishers who have been pursuing with us relentlessly for years.


Mathangi Srinivasamurti, (Weddings & Marigolds Studio) said, “I am very happy to be associated with a brand like Zishta where the founders are a committed lot, working tirelessly and passionately towards bringing back traditional wisdom. Zishta resonates with my ethos and compliments my studio perfectly.


Location: Weddings & Marigolds Studio, 18/12, Lakshmanan Street, T Nagar, Chennai. 



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