GR Events Presents Corona Warrior Awards


Corona Warrior Awards is a tribute to all the front-line workers who have supported thousands of families in multiple ways in these tuff situations of COVID. GR events have felicitated police, NGOs, doctors, teachers, hospitals, cabin crew, corporations, and individuals.

The top dignitaries of Chennai Nawab Asif Ali, Prince Of Arcot Pushapaltha, VP Velammal School, Vimala Britto, Producer, Nandakumar IAS, Srimathy Kesan, and many dignitaries have made their presence to felicitate the corona warriors. The Corona warriors were supported by Goutam Jain Director Of Nowood and the event was held at Chennai Citi Centre.

The warriors who supported thousands of families in multiple ways were, Khalid and Team who buried 950 covid bodies, Alert Foundation which supported 198000 families, Subadra who treated 500 covid patients, Kishore Subramaniam who supported 1.03 lakh people, and Dhivya Manutiah who helped 40634 migrant workers and many other were felicitated.



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