Golden Rules for eating fruits


Here’s how you can eat that fruit right to derive maximum benefits:

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Eat a fruit first thing in the morning

Have a banana, musk melon, pomegranate, papaya or water melon early morning to feel fresh and start your day in a lively manner. However, avoid eating citrus fruits like kiwis, oranges, sweet lime and apples early morning on an empty stomach.

Avoid fruits post a meal

Stop that practice of eating fruits post lunch or dinner. Have instead during mid-meal, like between breakfast and lunch, or between lunch and dinner. Fruits post a meal are not really digested well, nor are the nutrients absorbed thoroughly.

Avoid cut fruits

By that we mean avoid fruits that have been cut and kept for long. Eat only freshly-cut fruits.

Don’t pulp the fruits to juices

Avoid juices as much as possible. Whether packaged or fresh. Have the whole fruit instead.



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