‘Go Organic’ – Choosing The Healthy Way of Life!


From organic vegetables to baked goodies, soaps and personal care – it is your choice!

In the fast and commercialised world of today, it is hard to find business groups or entrepreneurs who are consciously choosing to say ‘No’ to pollution and chemicals. The food we consume, the water we drink, the products we use – every little thing has an impact on our health and the environment around us. Even if you don’t have the resources to do organic farming nor the time and knowledge to make your own personal care products or bake your own organic breads, there are ample organic and natural choices in the market that are easily accessible for a healthy you and a greener tomorrow. RITZ checks out six such outlets in Kochi that offer natural, organic and healthy products.

Complied by: Riya Sonny Datson

Ente Bhoomi is more of a lifestyle center that promotes traditional and sustainable initiatives for a greener tomorrow. This green complex based at Valanjabalam, Kochi has a retail segment with organic vegetables and growth bags to promote organic farming, an in-house restaurant, an art gallery and performance space that promotes regional art and culture.

Another high light at this center is the Kitch.in outlet that sells environment friendly cookware made from clay, wood, tin, bamboo and cast iron. These beauties are handcrafted, non-toxic and 100 percent natural, which makes it a healthy option to cook in. The art of making these cookware is a dying craft and by using these products, we are also making a social impact and thus sustaining a precious craft. You can shop for them online at https://getkitch.in/.

Aroma Fresh is a natural agro farming company that is GAP certified. The brand founded by Sajeev P K and Anne Sajeev, has retail outlets in Kochi and Trivandrum offering pesticide and chemical free vegetables, fruits, grains and pulses.

They also have dairy products at their outlets.

Lulu Hypermarket: If you are a regular shopper at Lulu Mall, then you have the option of picking up your organic vegetables, fruits, pulses and freshly ground garam masala powders from the Lulu Hypermarket that has an exclusive section for the same. The hypermarket also has organic food colouring that can be used in cooking and baking.

Fabindia – This ethnic brand needs no introduction as it is a retail chain that is spread across the country. Apart from garments, furniture and accessories, Fabindia also has a wide range of certified organic pulses, grains, tea, pickles, preserves, candied fruits and honey.

They also have oil, powdered drinks, sweeteners and Ayurvedic capsules.

Eva’s Healthy Bakes – From breads to cakes, cupcakes and cookies, Jeemol Koruth Verghese has it all at her outlet in Elamkulam and she will soon be supplying her goodies to supermarkets across Kerala. Her brand is known for tasty and healthy breads and bakes made from a variety of organic flours and the high point is that she uses zero chemicals! This reduces the shelf life of her products but makes it a healthy and preferred option.

She tries to ensure that the ingredients she uses are all locally procured which makes it fresh. So, what’s new on the rack? Sourdough bread! Jeemol is all set to introduce Kochi to sourdough bread, which is fermented and has probiotic qualities. She would also be introducing gluten free and sugar free cookies and crackers as she has a high demand for these yummy goodies. Apart from being a gifted baker, she is also a wonderful teacher who hosts classes for students of all age groups and encourages healthy home baking

Nakedly Yours: Started by Harsha Thachery and Lakshana, this is a personal care brand that is 100 percent vegetarian and is handcrafted from natural ingredients. They are manufactured in Ooty and shipped to Cochin for marketing and delivery. None of their products have been tested on animals and are hence cruelty free. All ingredients used are environment friendly – the colours used are natural, organic and edible, the fragrances come from the oils they use and all ingredients are sourced locally from authentic farms that are cruelty free too. They don’t use any petroleum based products or parabens either. Nakedly Yours has everything from soaps to bath essentials, beauty oils,

lip balms, foot care products, loofahs, beard oil for men and deodorants. Shop for these products online at www.nakedlyyours.com , www.amazon.in and at flea markets in Kochi. They deliver products pan India.



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