Global Isai comes calling once again!


Chennai is a city that is rich in cultural heritage and is known for its mature attitude towards the performing arts. Chennai’s love for music has led to burgeoning of the music industry in the city and it is even said that there is a musician in every household. The annual Margazhi festival is the city’s pride and is a soulful treat for Carnatic music enthusiasts. But when it comes to other genres of music, there is a big void.

Global Isai Festival is a festival aimed to be a platform for all the big international musicians who tour India. Some of the world renowned Artist and Bands toured the country but bypassed Chennai. In the last 4 years this festival has hosted some of the best bands/artiste that Chennai has seen. The 5th Annual Edition of Global Isai Festival will be better than ever with exciting line bands from places like Zimbabwe, Israel, U.K, Reunion Island and many more.

Venue: Phoenix  MarketCity

Date & time: February 20-21, 2.30 pm to 9 pm



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