Girl from Tamil Nadu cooks 46 dishes in 58 minutes and creates a world record


Lakshmi, a girl from Tamil Nadu has created a world record by cooking 46 dishes in 58 minutes. Her mother Kalaimagal said that Lakshmi started cooking during the lockdown period and was doing well. Hence her father gave her a suggestion to try to create a world record. She has entered into the UNICO Book of World Records for her feat. Lakshmi developed an interest in cooking and it was her mother who trained her to cook.

She is extremely thrilled about getting into the book of world records. The dishes she prepared were all traditional dishes of Tamil Nadu. When lockdown was announced in Tamil Nadu and all schools were shut, Lakshmi used to assist her mother in the kitchen. She picked up really well and developed an interest in cooking. When her dad suggested that she could make an attempt to create a world record, she decided to go all out and give it a try. They found that a 10 year old girl from Kerala named Saanvi had earlier held the record for cooking around 30 dishes. He wanted Lakshmi to break Saanvi’s record and Lakshmi succeeded in doing it.



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