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Spread the festive cheer this Diwali with some delicious Tandoori Malai Broccoli. And Chicken stuffed Kalmi Kebab and  Chena Makhana Sangam. This Diwali season, don’t miss out on the lip smacking delicacies by Zzungry. While you bask in the glory of festivities, order in from Zzungry to enjoy some rich and sumptuous food.


Craving for something rich and creamy? How about Tandoori Malai Broccoli. The hint of cardamom and malai gives Broccoli the perfect Indian makeover. The cheesy texture of the malai, the crunch of the florets and the chargrilled flavour from the tandoor  makes it the perfect starter before a hearty meal.

Want to treat yourself to delicious flavours of spices? Try the chicken stuffed Kalmi Kebab. Start your meal with smoky chicken drumsticks cooked in an imperial Hyderabadi styled tandoor. Enriched with the mellow flavour of hung curd, the well cooked chicken falls right off the bone. What’s more? As you bite into the tandoori charred exterior, the juicy interior reveal a filling of spiced chicken mince.

If you want to try out something offbeat yet delicious,  ‘Chenna Makhana Sangam’ is the dish to try.  A delectable dessert from the royal kitchen of Bhojpur made with Chenna and puffed lotus seed simmered in Cardamom flavoured milk. The Chenna soaked makhana gives a unique texture and flavor comparable to none you had before.

This Diwali, soak in the festive spirit with some scrumptious delights from Zzungry.

Price:  Tandoori Malai Broccoli – Rs 220/- , Chicken stuffed Kalmi Kebab – Rs 250/- , Chena Makhana Sangam – 70/-

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