Want healthier, happier hair that looks like you’re straight out of a hair commercial? Well, who doesn’t. Everyone wants to flaunt a shiny mane, but stress and fast paced lifestyle is taking a toll on our lives and before we realise we start losing our precious hair. Stress is a vicious cycle that leads to hair loss and hair loss adds to further stress. Improper diet and nutrition and lack of iron, calcium and protein also leads to hair loss. Even youngsters, both boys and girls are complaining of hair loss due to job stress and lack of sleep and they don’t know how to manage it.

Another reason that leads to hair loss is an early onset of diabetes and hypertension. With proper care you can now prevent hair loss. Thanks to help at hand, everyone can get access to reliable doctors that are at your service to instill confidence. Dr Sasikumar Muthu MS, M.Ch, a first generation plastic and cosmetic surgeon at Pearl Health, Chennai shares some hair care tips that will help not only in prevention of hair loss, but also revive and regain lost hair. Dr Sasikumar states that there’s a growing phase and falling phase. One hair strand starts to grow from the root and this phase lasts an average of five years and goes into resting phase and sheds. The root that is left behind gives growth to fresh hair. A single root repeats the cycle five times in a healthy person. That means if you’re taking care of your hair, then you should not start balding before 40. The reason that balding is taking place early in life; sometimes even at the age of 20 is that this cycle is reducing to 1-2 times. “At Pearl Health we help improve the quality of the hair root so that the number of hair cycles increases. Hair doesn’t stop growing if your roots are healthy. Since there’s an early onset of balding there has to be an awareness on eating right, staying fit and picking hair care products judiciously. If the problem persists consult a doctor at an early stage so that it can be prevented. There are medicines, tablets, shampoos and serums to regrow hair. There are many non surgical ways to help regain hair growth. Now there are advanced injectibles also where PRP therapy is used in hair restoration for natural looking results. With a thin needle, your own Platelet- Rich Plasma (PRP) is injected into the scalp. Then the growth factors in your blood cells do their job and hair growth is naturally stimulated. PRP Hair Restoration is suitable for both men and women. For medical causes, we also give steroids injected directly into the hair scalp for certain kinds of baldness. PRP injections are safe as there are no chemicals involved in them and the results are excellent. When baldness isn’t responding to these, then hair transplant is the next best option. It gives back the hairline and works well even in the bald areas. Hair transplant is very effective as we take individual hair follicles from the back of the scalp, as the hair here is permanent and won’t fall easily. We transplant them into the bald area. Although it is a slightly long procedure of about 6-7 hours, it is safe and effective as we do in a proper surgical method. Picking the right place with complete background checks of the doctor and the hospital is a must before you undergo any kind of surgery,” shares Dr Sasikumar Muthu.

Talking about some hair care tips that everyone can use, Dr Sasikumar adds, “A gentle massage with warm oil once a week helps in improving circulation thereby improving nutrition to the hair. One should never leave the hair oil overnight as the contact time of oil to the scalp is 30 minutes. More than that will damage your hair and lead to hair loss. Home remedies like applying onion juice to stimulate the circulation the scalp might work too, but the primary thing is nutrition. Have lots of water and required food that contain the necessary iron, calcium, protein and vitamins. Smoking is also not advisable if you want healthy hair. Hormonal issues and frequent change of hair care products also leads to hair loss and damaged hair. Once you have picked a product you should use it for atleast six weeks. You can wash your hair every alternate day with luke warm or cold water. Use only safe products for hair colouring and remember one brand doesn’t fit all, so do your research and see what works best for you. Use a good quality shampoo, conditioner, hair masks and serum to manage frizzy hair. Also too much of exposure to sunlight can damage the hair.”

Try these tips or consult Dr.Sasikumar at Pearl Health and see how your hair grows faster. Supplements can help you in faster hair growth, but before starting to take supplements, it’s best to check in with your doctor to make sure that you take the rig dosage. Now uber long locks are just a short distance away.

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