Get Shiny, Lightweight Fluid Hair


K Water is the first resurfacing lamellar in-salon treatment for intensely shiny, lightweight fluid hair! It’s every woman’s desire to leave the salon with hair that is nourished, refreshed and endlessly shiny. Women want fluid, glasslike hair, and some days, they don’t have time to sit for a deep care treatment.
As the original inventors of luxury haircare, Kerastase India discovered a way to beautify hair in a flash, the lamellar technology innovation. Much like a brightening facial that resurfaces the skin, K Water heightens the hair to its most radiant state. It is an instant fix for a wedding or special occasion, quickly and easily added on to any Kérastase service. Using never seen before lamellar technology, K Water instantly activates upon contact with water to create a flawless, glassy surface. The hair emerges shiny and fluid, weight-lessly amazing. It’s a total transformation to perfect hair – in a flash.
How Instant Fibre Resurfacing Action works – When K Water is applied, the water present on the hair’s surface triggers the lamellar technology’s nourishing power. Caring agents organise themselves into fine lamellar structures to hug the fibers, smoothing out irregularities. Fine layers form directly on the hair, evening out the surface in seconds. Hair is shiny, fluidified yet tonic and totally manageable with zero added weight.
It gives superior blowdry results. K Water transforms the hair for a precise fiber micro-alignment to get the perfect grip for blowdrying. Superior hair texture makes blowdrying faster, easier and better. The effect is less exhausting for hairdressers, and the results are more beautiful than ever before.
K Water’s lamellar technology features intelligent action that adapts to the hair’s needs automatically. Its smoothing structures attach only to the weakened areas and increase their healing effects when the hair is more damaged. Even the most sensitised hair is transformed with no leave-in time, recreating an homogenous surface. With this self-regulating system, the hair is never over or under conditioned. The result is perfect every time.




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