Get Ready For An Exciting Adventure At Agumbe !


Redrawlife takes you on a jungle trek and night camp at Agumbe! 

With each step, the forest would start growing in and around you, making your path hazier. Even in the rains, you will have to be careful, even while taking each step, because you never know on what you are stepping on- it could be a snake. Its easy to get lost in its wild trail, but these wild trails are really gonna awake the traveller in you. Famous for the “ Malgudi Days ”, Agumbe is a village in the western reaches of Karnataka’s Shimoga district. A forest like Agumbe takes more than a thousand years to reach its maturity and ecological balance. Which basically means if we start a forest today it will take more than a 1000 years to reach the level of Agumbe. It is full of all kinds of of flora and fauna like King Cobra, insects, flowers, spiders, fungi etc,” ” explains the redrawlife team.


The adventure scheduled for August 27th 2016 would involve trekking to the top of the Narasimha Parvata and staying in the villages for a night. There would also be a dip in the waterfalls while listening to the sounds of the jungles.  Booking link:




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