Get On The Jungle Trail This Weekend at Thattekad


Redrawlife Takes you on a Jungle Camp Adventure into the Wild 

Get a little wild this weekend as redrawlife takes you on a jungle camp from Aug 13th – 15th, 2016. “You’ll be accompanied by an experienced guide, a renowned birdwatcher Mr Sudheesh and a forest official who has vast knowledge about the biography of the sanctuary. The most exciting part about the trail would be the exhilaration one gets in the adventurous trek to the Urulanthanni waterfalls through the brooks, wherein you could spot an elephant, a Malabar pit viper or any of the other rare species, ” says the team at Redrawlife
redraw 13

And yes if that’s not enough, there’s more – The Mud Kabadi! “We are sure that no other packages would provide such kind of inclusion especially near the jungle. So get ready to be encrusted in mud and let your body speak up the rest. Now don’t worry of being covered in mud all day. The nearby brook provides fresh and brisk water so that you can clean yourself and continue your trail,” they add.  Hurry, Book your slots



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