Get On A Trail Of Fun & Exciting Wild Encounters!


Redrawlife Plans An Awesome adventure in the hilly terrains of Calicut!

“Embrace the uncertainity, know the fear, live it because freedom lies beyond fear! Pack your bags for this awesome backpacking adventure, where adventure is all about taking on nature in its raw. Taming its twists and turns, its rocky paths, its highs. and lows, its rapids, its slow currents, its calm, its fury. Where everything is UNPLANNED!” invites redrawlife, from Kochi for an amazing adventure this weekend!

Calicut is the destination this time – ” A unique topography, diverse terrain and treacherous trekking routes are what makes this an exclusive adventure destination. From high mountains, gorges and deep cut valleys, rolling hills and shallow valleys the place is on the wishlist of many experienced trekkers,” describes the team.

The adventure begins on April 21st, 2017. Book your slots:



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