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In today’s world where people live a super-fast life, manage hectic schedules, deal with stress constantly and find no time to maintain a healthy body and mind….where do you think one can find solace or have a way out? The most common way of stress busting sees people joining fancy clubs and gyms and engaging in complicated workouts! But predictable and complicated gym routines are boring. Plain old yoga is just not enough. Can we simplify the workouts and make them enjoyable?

Yes, you can absolutely simplify the workouts. At BollyBaloo managed by The Dancing Bear Company, Bengaluru, there’s a perfect fitness solution for you! The team at BollyBaloo believes in the good way of living life by dancing and singing and burning calories through a unique combo of dance and aerobics. BollyBaloo is a formal, structured approach to Bollywood dance-based fitness routines and is designed for all ages. The creators of BollyBaloo – The Singh Brothers, Gaurav Singh & Sunny Singh have been making people work their way to fitness by dancing to ecstatic Bollywood numbers for more than a decade now.

Gaurav Singh’s tryst with the world of Bolly Aerobics began in 2006. His passion for dance and fitness resulted in him merging the two in a truly unique manner. Gaurav’s expertise in cardio training along with an element of dance to the latest Bollywood tunes became increasingly popular. He has worked in several gyms across Bangalore including Chisel, Fitness First, Figurine Fitness, Zela, The Fit District, and Haute Fitness amongst many others. Gaurav’s unique take on Bolly Aerobics draws fans from all over particularly due to his injury-free dance routines. An MBA graduate with numerous fitness certifications including a few from Les Mills, Gaurav is now a sought after personal trainer and the national GX event manager at Chisel Fitness. In partnership with Virat Kohli, Chisel Fitness has provided Gaurav the opportunity to train Miss India contestants.
Sunny Singh, a commerce graduate, bravely followed his passion and today is a renowned name in fitness. He has been certified from global fitness organisations such as Les Mills, Tabata and Zumba. Sunny has made his mark in various gyms across Bangalore including Chisel, Apple Fitness, Energy Fitness, Fitness First amongst several others. Today he is also a highly sought after personal trainer.
Sunny’s hard work and perseverance recently led to the formation of The Dancing Bear Company which specialises in Bolly Aerobics. His expertise in cardio training along with an element of dance to the latest Bollywood tunes became increasingly popular. Today, Sunny is one of the most desired Bollywood dance choreographers and trainers across South India. This however isn’t enough for the 30 year old as he has a hunger to constantly grow and strive to be among the best wherever he goes. The Singh brothers are prepped and ready to captivate Bangalore this Sunday with their hit songs alongside Mr. Bollywood DJ Hussain bringing to you an altogether unique style launch of their brand ‘Bolly Baloo’.

When: 3rd of December, 2017, 6 pm onwards.

Where: The Chancery Pavilion, Bengaluru.



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