German Footwear Tailored for Men, Women and Kids


German footwear giant BIRKENSTOCK plans an Indian expansion spree with more of their mono brand stores set to launch in 2021. BIRKENSTOCK, the global German lifestyle brand with a heritage in iconic footwear, has completed its first year of operations in Indian market and is about to continue its success story on the subcontinent. The brand plans to expand its business by increasing its footprint across the country as it enters its second year. With the recent launch of its new mono-brand store in Hyderabad and Chennai, the brand has already initiated to strengthen its presence in the southern market with more mono-brand stores starting with Bengaluru in February 2021. The brand will also launch its first stores in Mumbai and Chandigarh respectively in early 2021 along with a strong expansion plan in other key cities across India.

Being the inventor of the footbed, BIRKENSTOCK is popularly known for its exceptional comfort and high functionality based on a history that can be traced as far back as 1774. With a global presence in over 100 countries, BIRKENSTOCK had entered the Indian market in December 2019. BIRKENSTOCK kicked-off its first year of business with the brand’s own India website, and has successfully opened mono-brand stores in Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai respectively, further expanding through partner-operated retail concepts and shop-in-shop concepts in the premium segment. BIRKENSTOCK caters to the comfort needs of today’s consumers and provides footwear that is tailored for men, women and kids.

All BIRKENSTOCK stores initiate a gratifying shopping experience for loyal brand fans as well as the fashion-conscious and casual shoppers, families and tourists, with more than 200 different models from Germany’s largest shoe manufacturer. The stock comprises of famous classics such as Arizona, Gizeh and Madrid. Apart from this, other highlights of the diverse product range for everyone are available including, the popular EVA (waterproof) models and socks. The collection is designed for all ages, genders, sizes and fits, at prices consistent with its other stores internationally, ensuring it to be a favorite premium lifestyle footwear destination in the respective cities for the entire family. As a high quality lifestyle label, BIRKENSTOCK uses natural core materials such as natural cork, natural latex milk and jute. Coupled with the sophisticated crafting process, the materials retain their positive natural qualities thus, ensuring supreme quality of the footwear. BIRKENSTOCK styles have been a cult favourite of celebrities, fashion designers and style icons across the globe for decades. The brand has earned a strong international base of ardent loyalists who wear Birkenstocks due to the outstanding functional comfort offered by the orthopaedic footbed.

BIRKENSTOCK India has managed to comfortably sail through the year as their product offerings had catered to improve one’s quality of life and comfort fashion. The timeless classics such as Arizona, Gizeh and Madrid have been the bestsellers so far earning their loyalists in India. As one of the top five global footwear brands in the world, BIRKENSTOCK aims to continue building its fan base in India by providing iconic styles and its stylish iterations, always known for its comfort and functionality. BIRKENSTOCK is a global lifestyle brand with a heritage in iconic footwear, rooted in the creation of the BIRKENSTOCK footbed. The brand that can be traced as far back as 1774 is guided by the notion of quality and function in all its actions and across categories. The concept of all-round wellbeing is developed into footwear, sleeping systems, and Natural Cosmetics, increasingly translating the lifestyle vision of the brand heritage. With around 4,300 employees worldwide, this traditional, sixth-generation family-run business is also one of the German footwear industry’s biggest employers. BIRKENSTOCK was already using the term “footbed” in the 1910s, giving it the meaning which is commonly understood by consumers all over the world to this day – as a synonym for outstanding comfort when walking and standing. By the early 1970s, BIRKENSTOCK had become a global player. Manufactured in Germany, the sandals are now sold in more than 100 countries on all continents. BIRKENSTOCK also has a growing range of closed shoes, children’s shoes, and occupational footwear, as well as specialist products for orthopedic retailers, socks, bags, and belts. In 2017, BIRKENSTOCK added sleep systems and natural cosmetics (BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE) to its portfolio of products. BIRKENSTOCK has 16 sites in Germany, in the states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, Bavaria, and Saxony. The long-standing family-owned enterprise also operates its own sales offices in the United States and Canada as well as in Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Dubai, and India.



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