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Vikas Bysani lets us in on his approach to capturing the retail market. 

It’s not often that you find a 24-year-old who knows what he wants, understands the business climate and has grasped the nuances of the Internet age. During his sit-down with RITZ, Vikas Bysani lets us in on his approach to capturing the retail market that Viveks Limited – one of the country’s largest consumer electronics chains – has been a part of.

Over 11% of India’s GDP comes from the retail industry, and being part of this industry allows you huge possibilities,” says Vikas, as he subtly flaunts his economic prowess and Undergraduate Degree in Economics and Finance from The Singapore Institute of Management. Though this youngster belongs to a rather ‘traditional and conservative family in terms of their business MO’, a quick trip to the Google search bar throws up articles by Vikas on using social media analytics effectively.

Despite being part of a legacy family business and “having it all”, Vikas Bysani decided against joining the family business after graduating. “I was part of a start-up called UnMetric where I was a Marketing Executive. Start-ups are more adaptable to change, they understand the fast pace of the market and are willing to change accordingly. The average age of an employee at Viveks’ is 45, they are set in their ways and attempting to make them change is a mammoth task,” Vikas smiles.Ritz Spotlight_Geared For (1) (Copy)

Vikas is a combination of youthful vigour and acumen in business and technology. Having learnt business under the tutelage of his father, Vikas recalls having spent time at the shop counters playing salesman. “Dad would make us stand at cell phone counters and help customers choose a phone. The first sale that I made was the Sony Erickson – EC250. I made a commission for every sale I made. I made a total of `1,600 when I was in my 9th grade,” he says laughing.

If there is one thing Vikas is certain about, it is his ability to manage people. “Though my field of expertise may not be vast, I am confident about being able to talk to anyone about anything under the sun.” Certainly, a natural salesman! Answering the question on whether he can have his way all the time, he laughs, “The best lies do have a little truth to them.” “But that doesn’t mean trying to fool the customer. We are here to build and sustain a business based on trust,” he adds.

Being a keen observer of market trends, Vikas confesses that he had wanted to set up a start-up within the service industry. “I was looking forward to setting up a grocery delivery system. Something similar to Grofers, but on more localised terms. Vegetables and perishable products would be stored at a local warehouse from local markets. That way delivery would be within 24 hours.”

Behind this new media and digital marketing enthusiast, is a modest, unassuming 20-something adult. “I still love watching cartoons. My all-time favourite continues to be The Simpsons. There is just much more possibility of expression in cartoon in comparison with realistic movies or TV series,” Vikas says. Maybe his gumption when it comes to pushing the envelope in business stems from his love for these animated sketches.

When Vikas is not watching The Simpsons or his new favourite, BoJack Horseman, playing football, squash, table tennis and hockey are what take up his time.

Not easily impressed by all that he sees, Vikas Bysani says that he loves people who stand up and talk about things that society finds controversial. “This could be anything ranging from religion to LGBT rights; maybe that is why I enjoy stand-up comedy.”

Vikas looks forward to creating a legacy of his own and not just being part of his family’s illustrious business. What makes this young adult stand out is his thirst for perspective, “More of which I hope to gain through completing my MBA in America,” he says on a parting note.

Quick Bytes With Vikas Bysani  

  1. When you’re not working you’re – watching TV
  2. Holidaying is – a must
  3. You add to your personality when – I’m funny
  4. Looking slick is – only 30-40% necessary
  5. You’re hungry for – masala dosa




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