Gautham Menon, Vishnuvardhan & Ram receive Clouds Don’t Pass Novel


CLOUDS DON’T PASS – A novel on cinema, passion, romance and friendship.

Clouds Don’t Pass is a novel written by debut author Abhishek Krishnan. The book is based on true life incidents, packaged in an imaginary story with a hard hitting climax. 
The book emphasizes on how deep one would travel for passion, love and friendship and also touches upon the raw and merciless side of some frauds in the cinema industry.
About the author 

Abhishek Krishnan is an up and coming actor, screenplay writer, and an aspiring director in the Indian film industry, primarily focusing on South Indian cinema. He has worked as the senior sub-editor and Video Content Head, at the notable Indian film website, Being in films and associating with different kind of people in the other side of cinema, Abhishek wanted to pen down his experiences packaged in a neat story. This story, which he initially began writing in movie screenplay format, happened to turn out into a book, thanks to the encouragement he received from his friends and colleagues. 

Speaking about the novel, Abhishek Krishnan says, 
“I started writing this book three and a half years ago. A lot of the happenstances in the book is an exaggerated version of what happened in my own life. The book touches upon the wrong side of cinema. I have written all my experiences of being cheated and many other painful instances associating with the wrong people in cinema. The book can be a little message to upcoming film aspirants. This book has been a journey for me. I hope you would like it too.”
Directors Gautham Menon, Vishnuvardhan, Ram and Anis Abbas have received copies of the book and have wished the author the very best.
Clouds Don’t Pass is available in Amazon, Flipkart, BookAdda, Notionpress and is also available as e-book in Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Scribd and Kobo. Please follow the below link to choose from your favourite e-commerce store.


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