Garrison – A Restobar Evocative Of A Victorian Era Tavern


At the soul of world history & the 20th century, lay central London and its taverns that gleamed yellow amidst the industrial era’s coal and fire. The celebrations and festivity that were contained in those ale-smelling walls were just something that every culture across the world could look at and envy.

Reinvigorating the culture of Victorian England’s cozy taverns, Garrison in Egmore aims at bringing scrumptious food, merry drinks & gung-ho emotions 5000 miles afar, to the heart of Chennai. A step into a world of ever-flowing conversations over tinkling glasses and warmly lit tables, Garrison’s chefs & mixologists have conjured up some truly magical dishes and time-honored concoctions to serve you.

Before you savor that first bite or sip, take in the dark blue-toned walls adorned with the timeless elegance of golden brass and wood inserts, which evoke European art of the 1920s. Some of the signatures of Garrison’s menu are classics like Calzone Pizza, Lamb Rack prepared with the infamous New Zealand lamb meat & generous blocks of Tiramisu made with Kahlua and Bacardi Ocho Rum.

From black-tailed coats to pocket watches & from crystal cut glasses to raw barrels of rum, what they’ve done is create an experience that brings moments of past day Ireland and England closer to home. As Garrison’s window gleams red with firelight from afar, we hope you find joy and happiness in the warmth within.



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