Gallery Sumukha presented the launch preview of ‘Beyond Horizons’

Gallery Sumukha presented the launch preview of ‘Beyond Horizons’ an exhibition of paintings, sculptures and installations by Paresh Maity

Dr. Premilla Baid, Director, Gallery Sumukha hosted a special Preview evening to launch‘Beyond Horizons’ an exhibition of paintings, sculptures and installations by renowned Indian artist Paresh Maity, on January 23, 2017 at Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai. The launch event was attended by an eclectic gathering of art aficionados and prominent Chennai’ites. Among those who attended the Preview Evening were Shitija Nahata, Samrat Nahata, Jagat Baid, Rajesh Shah, Samyukta, Shahina, Nikita among others. Artists Paresh Maity who was present on the occasion was seen mingling among the guests and discussing his works and the inspirations and techniques behind his works. The show will continue till February 5, 2017 at the Lalit Kala Akademi for art enthusiasts and collectors to view.

To mark its20th Year Celebrations (since 1996), Gallery Sumukha presents ‘Beyond Horizons’bringing together, for the very first time in Chennai, a selected compilation of works by Paresh Maity, showcasing drawings, paintings and sculptures created through four decades of his prolific art practice: 1976 – 2016. Intuitively moving between mediums, the artist has continuously evolved and experimented with his artworks, exhibiting a distinctive visual language that is deeply connected to his roots in rural Bengal while also being reflective of a contemporary experience.

Paresh Maity is known both for his bold and flamboyant style, and his sensitivity towards landscapes, figures and objects he chooses to portray. His early water colours and drawings from the 70s and 80s engage directly with the natural world, with a keen eye for architectural detail and flora and fauna. Later, imbibing and elucidating various influences, his work took on complex contexts, often non-representative in content or extracting and visualizing the essence or core of the world around him. The exhibition showcases path-breaking works from the 90s and from the turn of the century, as the artist mastered the emotive qualities of colour, spatial harmonies and fluid line, and the transformative power of scale.

The subject matter, as seen in his works up to the present, moves between the mundane and the esoteric – he is as comfortable working with bronze as he is with layers of paint or the medium of photography. His creative spirit yearns to share the joy of creation itself. Honoured with the Padma Shri award in 2014, ‘Beyond Horizons, is a celebration of art not to be missed.

About the Artist

Paresh Maity born in 1965 studied Painting (BFA) at Govt. College of Art and Craft, Kolkata and Painting (MFA), at College of Art, New Delhi. His works have been shown in a number of solo exhibitions and group participations throughout India, and in Germany, the UK, USA and Singapore. He is represented in several private and public collections in India and abroad and is the recipient of numerous prestigious national and international awards.Paresh Maity has emerged as an artist of rare and extraordinary talent and ranks among the more important figures of contemporary Indian Art today. He is especially adept with water colors, his medium of choice in the early years of his career, and later became known for his large and vibrant oils on canvas, and more recently for his installation and sculptural creations, which he showcased recently at Art Stage Singapore 2011 and 2012, with Gallery Sumukha. His brilliance and creativity lie in his ability to internalize the Indian experience and capture its essence. Restless by nature and an avid traveler, he journeys across India and the world in search of new inspiration. Maity lives and works in New Delhi, India.

Gallery Sumukha

Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore, begun from a modest space in 1996, has evolved over the years and is currently housed in the largest private gallery space of South India. Gallery Sumukha caters to a wide audience, nationally and internationally. Having been through economic and aesthetic changes that have occurred globally, and in India and Asia, Gallery Sumukha emerges more learned and capable to deal with any future upheavals that may arise.Gallery Sumukha has a history of working with external curators and artists from various parts of the world and supports artists in terms of commissions and relevant spaces to expose their conceptual thinking, thus marking it as an international space. Simultaneously it presents Indian Contemporary artists abroad. Gallery Sumukha is also a platform for established and next generation artists to showcase all forms and media of Contemporary Art. The Galleryhosts this show as a part of its ongoing 20 year celebrations.


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