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Shakespeare has told that world is a stage and we are all actors in that.  Similarly Kannadasan has told that Life is a Journey.

Same way a film is getting ready in the name of “Yathreegan” .  The Hero of the film is Aadhi.  He goes to Prison once.  In that closed place he starts thinking about this world and a lots of question gets raised in his mind and he is puzzling with answers.

Athi starts his journey to find the solution for the questions raised in his mind.  He roams, wanders, and finally what will be the result is the story.

Yathreegan is the story of a man who starts his journey at the age of 10 and ends at 45 years.

Story, Screenplay, Dialogue and Direction is done by Jayapal Kandasamy. He is a film Institute Student.

Actor Kishore plays as Athi.  Agreed to act on  hearing the story. Chaya Singh, touring talkies Sunulakshmi, Kadal saran and many others starres.

This cine unit has travelled to Gangtok, siliguri, Darjeeling, Varanasi, kalimban for shooting.

They had been to Buddha temple in Nepal for shooting, but the unit was not allowed unless they are not dressed up according to the habit of Nepal .

After doing accordingly they met Baps and learnt the explanation for “Buddham saranam gachchaami” and Sangam Charan Gachami” although it has various objects of our physical life and how these things are supposed to be pronounced and have asked for a real explanation. On the holy day of Buddha poornima they shoot the rituals and also captured 1000’s of buddha bikshu who participated in the procession.

The journey of  Aadhi on finding the answers for the questions will be a travel experience to the audience says Director Jayapal Kandasamy.

V.Venkatesh is doing  Cinematography to this movie. He is student of Jeeva  ‘Moochu’ is his first film.

Music by G.Rangaraj, who is running a music college is also a carnatic musician.

Film by Vilsi kalai sabu seenu who is a student of Sabusiril.

On behalf of  Nag studios Somasekara reddy is producing, who is the son of Nageswara reddy, Telugu producer.

Locations in the film will flash and push to talk.

All these situations and the story in this film will be into the life of the public and surely it will get a place in the audience heart.



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