Gala Brothers exhibits their latest collections at Vimonisha’s ‘The Mid Summer Dream’ Exhibition


Save your date for Vimonisha exhibition presents The Mid Summer Dream (Chennai’s first designer blow-ot sale) on 6th and 7th April, 2018 at Hyatt Regency, Chennai

Gala Brothers offer carefully designed & crafted blend of the finest jewels; fast becoming one of the most reliable and creative diamond jeweller in India.

G&B Jewellers, was founded by the Gala Brothers, Dhvanit Gala and Malhar Gala, driven by a passion to create exquisite masterpieces that are timeless.

Design and craftsmanship have ultimate priority, giving every piece its own individuality. Inspired by traditional Indian jewellery and gifted with new-age creative talent, the Gala Brothers combine these elements to create jewellery that caters to the entire spectrum of clients. So whether your interest lies in traditional Indian pieces, or more modern European styles, or even a mix of both, there are a variety of designs you can pick from based on your mood or occasion.

The G&B trademark is defined by graceful design, impeccable quality, immaculate selection of diamonds and gemstones, and exceptional craftsmanship.



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