Gaga over Madras



That Madras Place, the fun new bistro in the city is a unique diner that promises classic English dishes with a quintessentially “Madras” twist.

Nestled in a quiet corner of Adyar, That Madras Place is a charming restaurant where you get to just sit and enjoy a flavourful espresso, with a dog-eared book. Subtle yet sophisticated the décor impresses without getting in the way of the dining experience. Colourful furniture, vintage clocks, random scribbles and doodles on the walls, all ooze the kind of charm you’d see in a Woody Allen movie. The menu is simple and straightforward. First course comprises of soups and starters like the classic Fish and Chips with tangy ketchup, French toasts with caramel sauce, Sausages, Toasts with scrambled eggs and bacon and the like. Main course has a variety of pastas and bruschetta apart from the usual sandwiches. Fudgy brownies and banana cakes with ice cream are the standard order. Mathangi Kumar one of the founders and a Le Cordon Bleu graduate, talks about how they tweak the menu according to the customer’s palate and are also planning to add steaks and burgers to the menu. That Madras Place isn’t pretentious – it doesn’t try to ape a Michelin-starred restaurant nor does it comes across as too Westernized. It is that quaint little place that you would want to keep visiting to satiate your taste buds and also get into a cheery, holiday mood.

That Madras Place is at Kasturbai Nagar, 2nd Main Road, Adyar. A meal for two is approximately Rs 800. Call +91 44 42614380 for more details.

Sruthi Sudhakaran



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