Futuristic fashion


JD Annual Design Awards was hosted by the JD Institute of Fashion Technology showcasing awe-inspiring collections based on the theme Future Origins, where the future of fashion blended with sustainability at The Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru. Models walked the ramp looking stunning in collections like Artitectural Chic (fabrics made from the spirulina algae and spun together with cotton, Aagami (fabric made from discarded cigarette butts), Achromatic Transmutation (parts of the ensemble that can be detached and attached to another piece of clothing). Innovation, sustainability and ethics was the core of the design for all the 56 collections that were undergirded by innovative research into concepts, fabrics, communities and crafts. Nealesh Dalal, managing trustee of JD Educational trust, Runa Desai Dalal and Rahul Dev Shetty, model coordinator and choreographer stood by the designers and helped them unleash their true potential as they unpacked the origins of a new future in design and fashion and presented their stunning masterpieces.



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