Future plans of Bill & Melinda Gates foundation


It has been mutually agreed that Melinda Gates will depart from the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation in 2 years if they are unable to work together. The couple set up the foundation in the year 2000 with a motive to help people to lead productive lives especially those living in developing countries. It has committed US$ 55 billion to the cause.

After the announcement of the divorce between Bill and Melinda, questions arose as to what would happen to the foundation. It has now been made clear that both of them will continue as co-chairs of the foundation for 2 years after which Melinda will leave if she is unable to work together with Bill and she will resign from her position of co-chair and trustee.
As of now both of them are fully committed to continue to work together constructively at the foundation to advance its policy objectives. Melinda is proud of what the foundation has accomplished.
As of now only Bill and Melinda are the trustees of the foundation after Warren Buffet announced his plans to retire in June.



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