The second edition of the October Fusion Festival creates musical sensation in the city

Phoenix MarketCity, Chennai offering the perfect blend of shopping, dining and entertainment to its patrons hosted the second edition of October Fusion Festival, creating a whole new experience for the artists and the audience.

The evening commenced with ‘Vathapi Ganapathim Bhaje’, an auspicious invocation to Lord Ganesha. The mall witnessed a melodious evening with an enthralling performance delivered by the prodigal 19-year-old Mohini Dey on the Bass guitar. She mesmerized the audience with her innate talent, a talent honed and strengthened by her past performances with well-known artists like Zakir Hussain and A.R. Rahman to name a few. The show also featured performances rendered by Giridhar Uduppa on the Ghatam accompanied by well-known percussionist Arun Kumar. Early into the evening, the two artists contested each other in a musical duel! Uduppa’s Ghatam challenged the rhythm of Arun Kumar’s drums, creating an unparalleled foot-tapping tempo!

Stephen Devassy1

Those gathered at the mall were ecstatic to welcome on stage, none other than the versatile musician, Stephen Devassy on the Keytar! His presence had the audience hollering for their favorite numbers evident by the numerous smiling faces in the crowd. The other star performer of the evening undoubtedly was U Rajesh, known to create magic from the mandolin, a la his legendary brother and mentor, the immortal “Mandolin” U Shrinivas. With harmonious and tuneful vocals delivered by talented artists Shyam Prasad and Varijashree, the evening was awe-inspiring and energetic. Those gathered, got the good fortune to experience the melody achieved through the synchrony of traditional Carnatic music and Western tunes.

Musicians Mohini Dey, Stephen Devassy and U Rajesh, held no stops when it came to displaying excellence through their respective instruments. The trio took turns to play deliberate notes, one faster than the other, only to craft music that was simply astounding to the ears! The raucous cheers of the audience appeared to drown out the music that emanated from the stage!

Stephen Devassy3

The Fusion Festival with dotted with esoteric cadenced notes and catchy songs such as famous Tamil film song, ‘Anjani… Anjali’ that attracted the attention of youngsters from all over the city.

The evening ended on a high note and the audience was given a sweet surprise when the artists performed music maestro Illayaraja’s hit number, ‘Panivizhum Malarvanam’.  The crowd wholly reciprocated the energy emanated from the esteemed artists, creating a fresh and lively atmosphere at the mall.

The music was well complimented by thundering applause throughout the performance.  The Fusion Festival hosted by Phoenix MarketCity gave a chance for music lovers to come together from across the city.

Speaking occasion artist Stephen Devassy said “Really happy to perform before such an energetic audience. It was a great experience for all of us to perform together and we hope to collaborate once again!”

Mr. Noel Vessaoker, Center Director, Phoenix MarketCity, Chennai says “We wanted to conceptualize an evening for music connoisseurs to enjoy the niche and popular genre of fusion music by stalwarts from different fields. We always strive to give the best possible experience in terms of music in Chennai. With the objective of providing optimum experience at the mall, Phoenix Marketcity lives up to its commitment of creating an atmosphere to promote art and culture in its unique way”



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