Fun things to do on a Monday


 Here is how you can make your mundane Mondays interesting and fun.


  • Go for a leisurely lunch: Monday lunch could be tough. But do manage to squeeze out an hour or two for a relaxing lunch at some fancy place.
  • An evening out: again a tough call to make on Mondays. But take time out for a dinner with your spouse or friends or a drive or a movie.
  • Take a nap: Yeah, really manage to pull off a nap on a Monday afternoon. Maybe in your car or at your desk. But a good 15-20 minutes napping can be super relaxing.
  • Go for a walk: a walk by the office premises or in your apartment compound can be very soothing and relaxing.
  • Bake a goodie: make a small bake. Be it a pasta or a pizza or a muffin or a pudding. And relish it with your loved ones.


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