From the kitchens of Malaysia


If you’re looking for an authentic taste of Malaysian cuisine then head to Hilton Bangalore Embassy GolfLinks for Hilton India’s first ever Malay Food Festival from March 5 – 14, 2018. To mark on the authenticity, they have chef Mifzal and chef Karim all the way from Hilton Kuala Lumpur throughout the next few days to work with the mavens in their kitchens in Bengaluru.

Begin with the apperizers like the Kerabu Mangga Muda Dengan Ikan Bili (Young Mango Salad with Small Anchovy), Soo Hoon Dengan Udang (Glass Noodle Salad with Shrimp) Sambal Tauhu, Kacang Dan Ikan Bilis (Fried Bean Curd, Peanut and Anchovies with Fresh Chili), Acar Jelatah (Pineapple and Cucumber Pickle Salad) and Kerabu Ikan Goreng Dan Kacang Panjang (Fried Fish and Long Bean Salad). The Live Counters or the Action Station (Charcoal Grill) will have chefs whip up a delicious Satay Ayam (Malaysian Famous Chicken Satay). Dip the satay in some freshly made tangy and crunchy peanut sauce and experience a slice of heaven. A must-have from the Noodle Station is the popular Curry Laksa. This Laksa Noodle Curry is topped with Yellow And Mee Hoon Noodle, Prawn Meat, Cockle Meat, Sliced Chicken, Fried Bean Curd, Bean Curd Puff, Long Bean, Egg Plant, Bean sprout, Lime, Mint Leaf, Coriander Leaf And Red Chili and will leave you craving for more.

The main course dishes from the Malaysian buffet include Ayam Kari Dengan Kentang (Chicken Curry with Potato), Ayam Goreng Berempah, (Deep-Fried Chicken with Malaysian Traditional Spiced), Ikan Siakap Assam Pedas (Seabass Cooked With Hot and Sour Tamarind Juice), Sambal Udang Nenas (Prawn With Pineapple and Chili Paste), Ikan Bakar Balut Daun Pisang (Baked Red Snapper Wrapped In Banana Leaf), Kambing Masak Kicap Pedas Berkentang (Braised Lamb Shank with Soy Sauce and Potato), Sayur Bendi Goreng Belacan (Stir Fried Lady Finger with Shrimp Paste), Sayur Goreng Campur (Stir Fried Mix Vegetables with Dried Prawn), Mee Goreng Mamak (Fried Yellow Noodle With Tofu, Prawn and Chicken) and Nasi Briyani Kambing (Aromatic Lamb Biryani Rice with Ghee Oil and Condiments). Leave room for Malaysian desserts like the Goreng pisang (banana fritters), Kuih dadar (kueh ketayap) or Malaysian crepes, Sago gula melaka and more.

Where: Ministry of Food, Hilton Bangalore Embassy GolfLinks, Inner Ring Road, Bengaluru.

When: Everyday from March 5 – 14, 2018.



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