Frog wedding performed in Karnataka


In a bid to appease the rain gods and to bring rain to the region, a marriage was conducted between two frogs in Udupi district of Karnataka. It was performed by Udupi Nagarika Samiti and the Pancharatna Seva Trust .The groom named Varun from Kalasanka, Udupi and  bride Varsha from Kolanagiri were pronounced as husband and wife in an auspicious unique marriage ceremony. Udipi had not received rains and was facing a severe water shortage.

The marriage of Varsha and Varun was conducted in a grand manner and marriage invitation cards were printed. Guests we’re asked to offer prayers to God as a gift to the newlyweds. After the ceremony was performed,  the frogs were taken out in procession. A Kariamani was tied to a decked up Varsha. Toe rings were also put on her feet. They were finally released after all the rites were performed.



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