Fresh bloom floral jewellery from Hema S Kothari




The freshness of the season has been intricately encapsulated in this handpicked selection of Hema S. Kothari with their Spring Summer Collection “Flower Power”. A complete set of stylish bracelets, rings and earrings; this is a reflection of the refreshing blooms of the season. Studded in iridescent diamonds, sapphires, brilliant rubies and emerald detailed meticulously on white and yellow gold make these ensembles magnificent. It is another sparkling addition to the dazzling array of jewellery unveiled by Hema S Kothari.


Taking inspiration from a spectrum of colours in different hues like soothing blue, dazzling green, radiant red and an amalgamation of precious stones, these jewellery pieces suit every mood and distinctive personalities of a woman. The ornaments in this ensemble are designed both with contemporary and elegant taste, capturing the significance of Indian inheritance in vibrant tones. Each piece of this collection is keenly made to reflect the aura of your personality.



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