Free online coaching for civil service aspirants

The Tamilnadu Government has decided to offer free online coaching for civil service aspirants in the State. This move is significant as it will help thousands of students especially those from the rural areas and economically weaker sections who cannot travel long distances to get free training in the  free government coaching centre in Chennai.
The training centre currently admits 225  candidates for  the full -time residential programme and 100 part -time candidates for a period of six months.  The coaching centre also provides the candidates with free accommodation and food besides paying them a monthly stipend. As the only training centre is in Chennai, a lot of students from far-flung rural areas are unable to come over to Chennai. Following representation from several students and parents, the government has decided to upload all the training sessions on the website so that it can benefit all the candidates who are preparing for the civil service exams.  These training sessions would be conducted on weekdays from 6.30 to 8.30 p.m. and it will benefit even those candidates who are engaged in part-time jobs.


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