Forum Is Back With Colorama


Sustainable is the new green. Like “green” the definition of “sustainability” is a moving target, and its application to works of art varies widely. Art that focuses on issues of sustainability doesn’t have a certain look, but rather reflects a series of ideas about the role of art in the environment and society.

Keeping this in mind and to explore the creative potentials in the young minds, Forum announces Colorama, a platform for kids to showcase their artistic imagination about this vast and prospective subject that ‘what does a greener planet mean to your future?’

Since art and sustainability have a close relationship, communicate your emotions and feeling in the form of painting, through the use of different colors. This event will be a rare opportunity for the kids to experience the beauty of art and creativity and we are glad to invite the stars of tomorrow to this competition! The winning contestants will be awarded Rs 60,000 worth of gifts.

When: 24th 0f November 2019 | 4 pm onwards

Where: The Forum Shantiniketan Mall , East Bengaluru.




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