Forest Therapy


The Tamara Coorg, one of the most sought after luxury resorts in South India, is known for its unmatched setting in 180 acres of lush forest and plantations. Inspired by the ancient Japanese tradition of ‘shinrin yoku’, which translates to ‘taking in forest atmosphere’, The Tamara Coorg’s Forest Therapy allows you to immerse yourself in a completely natural environment and enjoy a calming, rejuvenating and restorative experience.

Designed by wellness experts, this experience takes guests on a guided trip through the forest surrounding the resort. Time slows down under a magical canopy, as soothing sounds fill the cool air, energising the senses and building a strong connection with nature. The trail leads to a gazebo, built discreetly amongst the green of the hills. Here, a specialist guides guests through a short breathing and meditation session, which melts away any remaining tension. The experience ends with a foot massage by therapists from the resort’s award-winning spa and wellness centre. Guests walk away feeling refreshed in both body and spirit.

Shruti Shibulal, CEO and Director – Tamara Leisure Experiences Pvt. Ltd. says, “We have introduced Forest Therapy keeping in line with The Tamara Coorg’s philosophy of respecting and embracing nature. Our endeavour is to provide our guests with a memorable break from the city and help them reconnect with nature. Our hillside setting, surrounded by lush forests, is the perfect place to do this.”



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