Foreigners made to do push-ups for not wearing masks


Foreigners in an Indonesian resort at Bali who are caught not wearing face masks are given an unusual punishment namely doing push-ups. A video footage of tourists wearing T-shirts and shorts made to do this exercise in the sweltering heat has gone viral. It shows masked security officials who supervised them as they did the push-ups.

The authorities in Bali made wearing of face masks in public mandatory as Indonesia battled a raging Covid-19 outbreak. More than 70 people paid fine and around 30 of them who did not have the money to pay the fine were made to do push-ups. Those who were not carrying a mask were made to do up to 50, while the people who were wearing it improperly were made to do 15 squats. Many of them tried giving excuses that they were not aware of the regulation, that they forgot to wear their mask or that it was wet or damaged. Even some native Indonesians were slapped with this unusual punishment. The authorities have warned that the foreigners who break the virus regulations could be thrown out of the country but so far no such instances have been reported. Though the island remains officially closed to overseas tourists, there are many long-term residents from abroad.



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