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A lazy Sunday afternoon is the ideal time for a scrumptious meal at Jonathan’s Kitchen. It is a meal that will send you into the arms of slumber once you’re done, as a content soul – Hyderabad

Located in Gachibowli is Holiday Inn Express and Suites that houses Jonathan’s Kitchen, the restaurant owned by Vydika Khosle. With its textured walls and island chandelier lights that hang from the ceiling on one side, the restaurant’s agenda in terms of design is minimalist and elegant.

In terms of the food, the agenda is simple. Cook to impress with a vast menu ranging from Indian to continental and a special Japanese menu as well. We give our order according to Chef Rajesh’s recommendations. Up first, two types of Sushi – Volcano and Crispy Shrimp Tempura. The Volcano Sushi, made with crab stick, avocado, lettuce and spicy mayo, was delicious, but the Crispy Shrimp Tempura was our favourite with its mix of crab meat and lettuce. The crunch and lightly fried batter coating made this an interesting starter. As Chef Rajesh guessed it was the first fried sushi we had tasted.

Out comes the Chicken Satay accompanied by a unique salad – Green Apple Carpaccio. The chicken satay is served with traditional Thai peanut sauce that is a sudden hit on the palate after the mellow flavours of the sushi – but a welcoming one if you love spice. The Green Apple Carpaccio – a favourite at the restaurant – is a refreshing salad, both in terms of flavour and in terms of variety. Those who are bored with the salads should give this one a shot. Sliced and diced pieces of green apple, lettuce with feta cheese doused with lemon mustard dressing… it was perfect.

On to the main course and we dig into the Quarto Formaggio as we are suckers for four cheese pizzas. One of the best thin crust pizzas we’ve had in the city that despite the mozzarella, gorgonzola, ricotta and parmesan cheese was light on the stomach. The Tomato and Spinach Ravioli was delicious as was the Involitini di pollo, a grilled chicken breast that lay on a bed of caramelized onions, cannellini beans, veggies and jus – the chicken was perfectly cooked and succulent thanks to the caramelized onions and jus.

For dessert, we went with the Philadelphia Cheese Cake and the Chocolate Fondant Cake. The cheese cake’s Oreo cookie base with its creamy layer, and the Chocolate Fondant Cake served hot with a dollop of ice cream over it was satiating. Both these desserts were our final step to reaching a food coma and if it is considered a sin to indulge in such a scrumptious meal, we join our hands and say, “Forgive us father for we have sinned.”

But we are sure to go back and sin again!

IT Park Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Phone: +91 40 4541 6699



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