Top Food Bloggers in Chennai


A food tour through the city will tell you why South India is known as the Land of Spices and flavors. Every restaurant has a taste buds tickling menu, especially for its food lovers. From street food to continental cuisine everything is available in the city. Here we have perfectly curated list of Chennai’s top food bloggers who give a snippet for the foodies.

Food of Chennai

A Passionate foodie who maintains this Insta page with style and instills aroma about the food places. With more than 50k followers, the blogger brings out the best food from the best restaurants.

Insta: -54k followers


Food Talk Chennai

Food Talk Chennai is the reservoir of food information from nook and corner of the city. From food reviews to new food varieties the blog has it all. You will get every information from pocket-friendly eateries to best bars in Chennai.

Insta: -43.3k followers


Chennai Food Reviews

Foodie Touch has a typical know-it-first-here approach to their posts. And it is this philosophy that has been winning the hearts of Chennai food lovers. It brings the best reviews and deals to its followers.

Insta: – 25.9k followers


Chennai Food Trails

Started as a hobby, Chennai Food Trails has now become one of the top food bloggers in Chennai. From the best South Indian food to all other cuisines, the blog has covered it all for their followers.

Insta: -25.1k followers


Searching Samayal

Highlighting the best of food in Chennai in a creative yet engaging manner. This food blog explores and has been following his passion for food for years. Wandering from one restaurant to another and featuring lip-smacking foods brought him up to the top.

Insta: -24.7k followers


Madras Foodie

This food blog can take you to unconventional trips through Chennai. From tasting the spicy kebabs in the city to having the yummy paneer treats the blog has it all.

Insta: -16.4k followers



Vogue Traveler

A passionate traveler and foodie in Chennai feature about street food to hi-fi treat across Chennai. He reviews the food and even gives out the basic info’s for his followers.

Insta: -15.9k followers


The Food Panther

An avid photographer and food blogger captures foodstuff across restaurants in Chennai with more story and impressive pictures adding more eyes to it.

Insta: -14.3k followers






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