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Maria Jose tells us about her blog and what it takes it make it successful

Food is an invincible part of our life. For a foodie, if there is anything more satisfying than relishing an appetizing meal, it is curating one. And today, to every foodie’s delight, social media offers a platform to share your love for food, your unique curations, restaurant reviews, recipes, tips and tricks in cooking, baking, sugarcraft and much more. Read on to know how popular Keralite food bloggers across the globe started out with their blogs and what it takes to have a successful blog! 

Complied By: Riya Sonny Datson

Maria Jose

Blog: MariasMenu

Insta page: @mariasmenu

How did you start food blogging?

I was a newlywed at the time and was new to cooking. Surprisingly, I found it fascinating. I started writing down the recipes I’ve tried in a notebook, and Jose, my husband, suggested to document it online, and that’s how MariasMenu got started! It started as my personal online recipe diary, and well, it still is, but it has just become more organized and elaborate.

What is one thing you like about blogging?

There are many things I like about blogging, but if I’ve to pick just one, it’s sharing the recipes with my readers. Whenever I try a new recipe successfully, I am eager to share it with my readers and to see their reactions and response. After 13 years of blogging, I think the “excitement” of sharing the recipes with my readers is one constant that keeps me going.

What do you think are the key elements of a successful blog?

For a blog to be successful, first and foremost, you need readers for the blog. The “connection” between the reader and the blogger is a significant factor for a successful blog. When it comes to a food blog, the readers should feel a connection to the kind of recipes that you share and also the stories that you share with them. Apart from that, I think frequent posting, responsiveness, and genuineness.

Does your blog tie up with food brands for reviews?

We haven’t yet associated with any brands. Though we have nothing against such practices, we’d like to keep it as it is for the time being.

Most memorable food experience:

I always connect food with the memories associated with it, and that’s what makes it unique to me. In that sense, the most memorable food experience is having Pesaha Appam and Paal on Maundy Thursday during my childhood. The entire family coming together and my grandfather cutting the Appam and distributing it from the eldest to the youngest member in the family, spanning four generations, is something that I always cherish and hold close to my heart.

A Chef you follow like an Idol:

I’m a home cook who is into pretty basic everyday cooking with occasional baking. Since my style of cooking is simple and nothing fancy, I don’t follow any particular chef as such. However, I do enjoy watching series like Chef’s Table and similar shows.

A food show you never miss:

I do watch tons of cookery shows and cooking related documentaries. But then again, there is no particular show or series that I’m addicted to. My current fave is the “Great British Bake Off” series on Netflix.

One dish or meal that you enjoy cooking and why?

I love baking, especially simple cakes and cookies. I have a soft spot for homemade bakes, and one of my fav cakes to bake is White Chocolate Mud Cake. It’s a simple cake, but it’s very rich in flavor with a crusty top and soft, tender crumbs. It’s always a hit with our friends and family.

One dish or meal that you relish having and why?

Palappam and Stew! It’s more than food to me, it’s the taste of home, the smell of home, the feel of home, it is home! Rich and creamy, mildly spiced coconut milk gravy on top of the crispy rentha of the Palappam, in one bite, makes my body and soul happy and content!

Your philosophy on food:

Food has to be real! I’m not a fan of pretentiousness where food is concerned. I’m kinda traditional when it comes to food. I feel the home-cooked meal should look like a home-cooked meal, and I like it when the classic food combinations and tastes are given due respect.



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