Flying dosas served in a Mumbai restaurant


Dosa is a very popular South Indian dish and there are umpteen dosa stalls in every city which serve different varieties of this popular street food. There is a restaurant in Mumbai which serves a variety of South Indian dishes. They prepare dosas in the traditional way but serve them in a unique way. It has become a superhit with customers. It is called the flying dosa and is sent flying from the pan to the plate.

There is a video of this posted on Facebook which has gone viral. It shows an expert dosa seller preparing the dosas and flipping them high into the air before they land on the plate of the customer. The dosa seller carries out this stunt with apparent ease, that too without even looking at the plate of the customer. This video of preparing the dosa and serving it is a treat to watch. It was posted on a Facebook page on February 12 and has become an instant hit with netizens. It has garnered over 80 million views and 1.3 million likes so far.

Many users have posted comments praising the dosa seller and his artistic way of serving dosas. However, he was criticized by some people saying that by throwing the dosa, he is showing disrespect towards the food.



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