Fitness the Parkour way

Chennai Parkour and the Tamil Nadu Parkour Association are conducting a Parkour workshop. Parkour, or ‘The Art of Movement’ is a discipline that teaches a person to know one’s body and master movement in all its forms. Learn to move from one point to another in the easiest and most efficient way, even while having to go through, over or under obstacles that might otherwise bewilder you.
Siddharth of Chennai Parkour tells us, “This workshop is to create awareness among the people of Chennai. When people watch parkour videos on YouTube, they think of it in extremes. We want people to know that Parkour is a fun fitness regime too.”
The workshop will focus on the basics of parkour which include basic forms of vaulting, jumps, landing techniques. 
The workshop will be spread over 2 days, from 9 to 11:30am.
Day 1: Nageshwar Rao Park, Mylapore
Day 2: Karpagam Gardens Besant Nagar

“We are looking forward to conducting more of these sessions on a regular basis,” adds Siddharth.
The Chennai Parkour team also conducts regular classes at Mylapore and Anna Nagar
For details about the workshop registration contact: 9962696859 / 9884688074 / 9025115444


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