First time in Tamil Nadu Advanced Dental Implantology – Trefoil Dental Implant treatment


Rajan Dental Malo Clinic introduces Trefoil Dental Implant Treatment, a revolutionary concept fixing artificial teeth in the lower jaw, within one day

‘Rajan Dental Malo Clinic’ introduces yet another innovation, Trefoil Dental Implant treatment in Chennai for the First time in Tamil Nadu. Trefoil dental implants, a revolutionary new concept, giving fixed artificial teeth in the lower jaw in 24 hours, introduced about one year ago in the USA. This was designed by Prof. Dr. Kenji Higuchi, pioneer implant dentist in USA, along with Nobel Biocare Company, which is a 65 years old company in Sweden. This innovative Trefoil Dental Implant treatment has following special features.

  • Fast: Using 3 Dental Implants, with pre fabricated titanium framework, the treatment can be completed with fixed artificial teeth for the lower jaw within 24 hours.
  • Cost: From the prevailing treatment options, Trefoil may reduce 30% of treatment cost without compromising the quality of the treatment and denture.

This new technique was performed for the first time in Tamil Nadu at Rajan Dental on 11th August 2018. Rajan Dental brings world class dental technologies to India for over 60 years. Rajan Dental performed Trefoil dental implant treatment for two patients, one of whom is a young 28 year old unmarried girl, who had lost her teeth in an accident.

Through Trefoil Implant Dental treatment, the prosthesis (fixed permanent denture) can be delivered in 24 hours (one day) as against our standard three days required in other implant techniques.

Ms. D. Sandhiya, and Mr. B. Gunasekaran, both had the Trefoil Dental Implant treatment at ‘Rajan Dental Malo Clinic’ and had shared their experience at the Press Conference held on 31st August 2018.



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