First hearing impaired lawyer enrolls with Bar Council in Delhi


Saudamini Pethe has become the first hearing impaired advocate who enrolled with the Bar Council in Delhi. This 45 year old lady will be arguing her cases in courts through the medium of an Indian Sign Language interpreter. She will be an inspiration to the hearing impaired youth in the country to join the legal profession.

She suffered hearing loss at the age of 9 after being infected with meningitis. Her aim is to use her education to advocate for the rights of the hearing impaired. She wishes to spread awareness and empower the hearing impaired youth to join the legal profession and do their bit towards society.
Saudamini is currently the director at All India Foundation of Deaf Women and a trustee at the Access Mantra Foundation. She completed her law degree at the Institute of Law and Research, Faridabad in August this year and got enrolled in November.



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