First edition of Suta Bazaar for 2023 to Chennai


We’re very excited to bring our very first edition of Suta Bazaar for 2023 to Chennai. Exhibition will be held on 4th 5th and 6Th January 2023 at Amethyst. We’ve always received so much love from this beautiful city each time we’ve visited; and so, we decided to curate a special Pongal edit just in time for the festivities. Our goal is to give our customers access to an array of products that reflect both India’s rich artisanal legacy as well as our signature contemporary design aesthetic.

Our goal with Suta Bazaar is to make India’s rich artisanal heritage of handicrafts more accessible and relevant to audiences in India and across the world. We’ve constantly endeavoured to fuse traditional arts with contemporary design, and interpret this amalgamation in the form of products that find a place in every home and wardrobe. Our ever-growing Suta family currently comprises 17,000 weavers, of whom many joined us during the last few years, when their livelihoods were severely impacted. Our aim is to ensure a steady source of income for them and keep our traditional art forms from dying out, through the products we create and the initiatives we undertake.

We believe that to truly experience the beauty of our products, our customers must touch and feel them, and see the difference for themselves. We’re also very proud of the community we’ve built around Suta, and wanted to reach out to those who’ve supported us at various stages of our journey. The enthusiasm and support we’ve consistently received from Hyderabad make it but a natural destination for our Suta Bazaar.

This time around, we’re bringing an array of sarees, blouses, kurta sets, menswear, dresses, accessories and home décor that our customers can browse through to update their wardrobes for 2023. At the same time, we’re also mindful of the upcoming Pongal festivities and are bringing with us products that will add that extra sparkle to the festival. These products are a thoughtful mix of our bestsellers as well as our latest collections – for instance, we have Oh Darling, our new collection of retro digital printed sarees that will appeal to the contemporary wearer, while our chumki-studded and acrylic sarees are aesthetically befitting for festivals and special occasions, without sacrificing on comfort or ease of wear.

Collections and designs:

It is a new and exciting time for all of us here at Suta. From a design point of view, we’re expanding into new categories and new fabrics. In the last year, we’ve explored menswear and home décor for the first time. We’re also experimenting with different fabrics and patterns, when it comes to sarees. We have our ear close to the ground in terms of our design sensibilities, in listening to what our customers want and addressing those needs and wants, to the best of our abilities.

In the past year, especially, we’ve been creating collections that are more personal to us and that our customers can resonate with, as well. Through our artistry, we’re trying to strengthen and nurture our bonds with our customers. During the pandemic, especially, we’ve realised the importance of creating products that tell these personal stories and which appeal to our customers’ sentiments as well – our latest collections, for instance, have a strong feel-good, uplifting appeal to them, to subtly highlight the importance of self-care and mental health.



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