Fierce cobra spits venom into man’s eye


Wirat Tupong, a 60 year old man from Thailand was alerted by two guard dogs when a cobra slithered into a coffee shop and tried to hide behind the shelves. He called for help and in the meantime tried to pin the cobra down with a stick. The fierce cobra spat venom which landed in the man’s right eye.

Animal rescuers were immediately called to the scene and Wirat was taken to hospital in an ambulance to get his eye treated. Wirat’s eye was cleaned with water and then injected with medicines. He was discharged but has to be monitored for a week. He warns people not to attempt catching snakes on their own especially if they are poisonous as it is extremely dangerous.
A rescue team finally caught the cobra by using a noose to secure the snake’s head and captured it almost after an hour. They took it with them to release it in the wild.



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