Festive Fashion: Raj Shroff


Raj Shroff, Designer, Ravage

Are you festival ready? It’s that time of the year, when you want to add something stunning and festive to your Indian wardrobe or bring out some of your most coveted pieces and give them an all-new twist. Here’s what some of the ace Bengaluru’s fashion designers are offering to make you look like a million bucks this festival season.


Showcasing regularly at the Wills India Fashion Week for the last many years, besides Paris Pret a Porter, London Fashion Week, Seoul Fashion Week, Colombo Fashion Week and other fashion weeks, Raj Shroff is a name to reckon with in the fashion industry. Known to constantly keep experimenting with his design sensibilities and his thought process, he even designed his label Ravage, based on the soul of a woman who is strong and whose strength emerges stronger from draping, fabric detailing and cuts.

SIGNATURE STYLE: Each of my designs and cuts are essentially a story of culture and styles.

BIGGEST COMPLIMENTS: The biggest compliments are always when those who wear my designs don’t want to part with their oldest purchases and like to keep them treasured in their wardrobes. This happens a lot, especially with my Ravage sarees

FASHION TRENDS: Fashion trends right now are all romantic floral prints with hints of the bygone era. There’s also a lot of laces, frills and flounce being used, but all in a chic, modern perspective.

FESTIVE COLOURS: Festive season is all about colours. Go with what suits your skin tone and mood. Indian festive does get influenced by a few trends but primarily follows the bright and deep hues.



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