Festival Fashion Diary: Raj Shroff


The great Indian festival season is here and while you deck up your stunning homes, it’s also time to stock up on the latest in festive wear. With so much happiness, love and light around, why not join in the celebrations with equal glitter and gleam, as you outshine others everywhere you go. Pick from your choice of saris with stylish cholis, shararas, lehengas, long skirts, dhotis, suits or fusion festive wear. Here’s a cue from some of the top Bengaluru-based designers to keep you ahead of the game this festival season.


Festival season is always an evolution with trends. Western influence is clearly visible in Indian festivities this season. Women love their Indian patterns skirts, but they are teaming it up with smart shirts and formal tops and even jackets.
Evening dresses are a big trend, with smart fits and patterns that have never been so much in vogue as they have been in the last few seasons. But there are some who still stick to the beautiful six yards of handloom and the gorgeous Indian weaves and there’s nothing wrong with it. It all comes down to identification of personal style and comfort. You could pair these with a smart blouse.
Indan colours are as diverse as its culture from deep burgundies to festive bright reds, blues or metallics, purples and rust oranges, mustard and teals. Pastels and pinks will continue to remain Indian festive fovourites. Ravage always sticks to its love for textiles and revivals. We have a whole new range of beautifully textured saree and skirt tops and Indian sets this season.
You always have to feel like a diva. Remember you can never be one till you believe in your own style and charisma. Let your style grow and believe in yourself truly.



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