Festa De Portugal – A culinary Trail from Portugal to Calicut

Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park is elated to feature the Portuguese Food Festival, a culinary journey that traces the path of the great traveller Vasco Da Gama from Portugal to Calicut, taking place at our On The Rocks restaurant from March 16th to 25th.
We eagerly invite you to experience a sit-down dinner inspired by the flavours and spices of Portugal, Mozambique, Malindi, Mogadishu and Calicut. The festival features a unique spread of scrumptious dishes that showcase the unique culinary traditions of each of these regions.
Inspired by the story of when Vasco De Gama discovered India by arriving at Calicut. We have curated this unique and traditional menu that symbolises this historic expedition. The meal starts with an Amuse Bouche of Cheese Cashew Forminhas, followed by a soup course featuring the classic Caldo Verde, a puree of potatoes served with kale crisp, or Acorda de Mariscos, a Portuguese shellfish soup served with spring potato and shrimps.
The non-vegetarian starter from Mozambique is the Rissios de Camarao, which are creamy shrimps crumbed and deep-fried and served with delicious garlic herb aioli. The entree features a roasted chicken thigh served with a bed of vegetables, or Sukama Wiki, a root vegetable and collard greens. The Rys from Mogadishu offers a vegetarian dish choice of Baris Iskukaris, a flavour-infused rice served with suya spice blend potatoes.
There’s no better feeling than ending a delicious meal with a heart-warming dessert, and so we present Unnakaya, which is a dish of steamed bananas mashed and stuffed with coconut and jaggery and deep-fried, a speciality of Calicut in Northern Kerala.
Embark on this journey of wordly flavours with us, as they celebrate the ingredients and spices that have inspired countless cultures and cuisines throughout history. Book your table at On The Rocks restaurant at Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park now to experience the Portuguese Food Festival from March 16th to 25th.


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