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They found their calling blogging about their sense of fashion and lifestyle – and they’ve gone on to become some of the biggest influencers in the fashion market in South India today. RITZ features some of South India’s most popular fashion and lifestyle bloggers and finds out what exactly makes each one of them tick.


Facebook followers: 27, 106

Instagram followers: 48.9k


Do you feel South Indian bloggers are sidelined by top national designers and big-ticket international labels? And why is that?

Honestly I don’t think anyone takes me for a North or a South Indian blogger. People back in Delhi think I am currently based in Hyderabad so I am not a Delhi blogger while people in Hyderabad know that I am from Delhi and the blog’s name is Delhi centric so I have to be a Delhi blogger. I would rather call myself an Indian blogger because eventually my followers are Pan-India.

Now as far as the South Indian bloggers being sidelined by big brands are designers is concerned, I don’t think if a South Indian blogger has a good traffic and good social media reach that’s a problem. Unless maybe yes if there are logistic issues. I mean for example you can’t expect brand like Aeropostale & H&M to really associate with south bloggers (except Bangalore maybe) because they don’t have their stores here so sourcing and returning things post shoot is quite a problem.

No doubt that the target population for western wear, beauty and makeup products and lifestyle brands in general in the south is on the lesser side than north & hence brands do tend to focus on north but it’s pure business.


What do you feel bloggers from Mumbai or Delhi possess as advantages over their South Indian counterparts?

Availability of all brands and presence of all major magazines/publications, city based fashion weeks, and of course the concept of blogging is more popular and well taken.


There is criticism that fashion and beauty bloggers are far more exposed and knowledgeable in the north than here. Comment.

I don’t think so. Everything is online where you go read, learn and develop the needed skills. If you take blogging as a serious job for yourself you have to stay exposed and knowledgeable and updated. No excuses there.


How lucrative is blogging even as a part time hobby?

Lucrative enough for me to quit my job last year and take it up full time!


Have you been part of mainstream campaigns by big brands to popularise their products/lines? Tell us about the experience. 

I have been associated with brands/labels like BMW, Benetton, World Gold Council, Luxottica, Ritu Kumar, Adidas, Swarovski, Pepe, Hyatt, and others. The experience has been great and I have learnt so much more with each campaign that I did.

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What are your future plans?

I don’t know, I am not sure, I really don’t make plans and I live for the moment. Things just fall in place.


Miroslava Duma has made a career out of her social media presence as the fashion blogger par excellence. Do you see some such figure emerging from India?

I don’t think she made it out of her social media. I mean she worked for several magazines as writer/contributor for a while before she launched her website Buro 24/7 in 2011 when social media was still not that big. Yes of course she is often captured by top street style publications and social media accounts for her personal style and is quite popular for that, but I am not sure if it’ll be right to say that she made her career out of social media.

I don’t think anyone can make a career just out of social media. It’s too dynamic. Few years back people with great Twitter following were stars, now it’s Instagram and tomorrow there will be something else. As a blogger you shouldn’t lose focus on your blog, that’s what makes or breaks your career eventually as a blogger.


How strongly are you influenced by Bollywood trends?

Not at all. You can’t really call Bollywood as a source of fashion influence, I think.


How do you understand what your readers/followers prefer or want?

I keep a track to what posts are getting better engagement and reactions.


How do you keep yourself abreast of fashion trends, beauty trends etc.?

I read lot of stuff online, mostly American and British publications and then follow the right accounts on social media matters too. Plus Pinterest!

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Who are your favourite bloggers?

Chiara Ferragni, Leandra Medine,  Nicole Warne, Bryan Boy and others.


What are your favourite brands?

I am not too sure as I like a lot of brands.


What names are you most often seen wearing?

I am guilty of mostly wearing Zara, not just because I like their stuff but also because in Hyderabad there aren’t really many brands available.

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