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Designer Sanjay Garg from the label Raw Mango talks to Richa Tilokani about his latest collection, his sources of inspiration and his fail safe styling tips.

Sanjay Garg’s latest collection from Raw Mango –the “Southern Summer” comprises of contemporary Indian hand-woven handloom sarees and stoles rooted in Indian colors and designs. Sanjay believes that true luxury allows one to wear the best of one’s culture, namely exquisite handloom and hand woven creations.

From a young age, Sanjay knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Being creative by nature, he always to work with his hands. He always thought he would end up working with textiles and he did just that by turning designer with Raw Mango. Through “Southern Summer,” Sanjay explores the common thread that binds the island with the Indian subcontinent, both historically and culturally.

Shares Sanjay, “I was always very fascinated by the commonality of culture of the south and of the countries of Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. They have a very unique and common thread running through them. My collection is a tribute to their beauty, depth and originality. They use a lot of checks, ikats etc which I have been deeply influenced by.”

Exotic India

Sanjay’s products reflect the skills of more than 450 craftspeople employed by him. They reflect his belief of working with contemporary Indian hand woven textiles crafted using traditional techniques. Says Sanjay, “Raw Mango was born out of a desire to rethink Indian fashion in a current context. The colors and designs are rooted in Indian philosophy and tradition, giving freedom to imagine a new platform for both.” His designs have breathed new life in traditional patterns and transformed them into modern, chic pieces.  Be it fabrics, sarees or stoles, each piece carries the mark of originality which is inherent in Sanjay’s creations.

Traditional fashion

Earlier, handloom sarees though still worn by a large number of women in India, were perceived to have little scope for new exploration. Raw Mango set about to change it by adapting the indigenous and traditional designs to create elegant hand woven textiles. This has given new life to an entire community of weavers and craftsmen who are transforming the garment for the new generation.

Sanjay does not hanker after Hollywood or Bollywood muses like many other designers. He says simply that he is already working with the icons he prefers to work with. It is this simple and uncluttered approach of Sanjay which is reflected in his designs and which make his creations a pleasure to watch out for by fashion lovers. Ends Sanjay as he shares his favorite fashion maxim, “Less is more. That’s a rule to always keep in mind while getting ready. For fall-winter, indigo and emerald greens are hot and don’t forget to enjoy the silks and shawls. Invest in pieces which you can wear for a long time.”

The collection was showcased at Amethyst, entrance next to Corporation Bank, Whites Road, Royapettah, Chennai.



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