Fashionistas Forever: Tadasha Mishra


Fashion blogs have been around since the early 2000s, but today, blogging is a whole new ball game. While fashion blogs are at an all-time high, we can’t argue against the fact that social media platforms like Instagram remain the single largest forum to redirect traffic towards them. If you’re someone who is remotely into fashion and style, chances are you’ve also at some point, done a #OOTD post. Whether you attempt to show off your own style, or are even looking for a little inspiration, bloggers really know their way around, and hence, have such a massive following.
From styling tips to fashion advice, and where to shop to how to get the best deals, fashion bloggers are pretty much The Yellow Pages of this industry. If you’re from Hyderabad (or not), there are some people who know the ins and outs of style and the city, and those are the people who you really need to follow. I mean, when you’re scrolling through your newsfeed wondering what, when and how to wear, these women will be your guardian angels and give you all the inspiration and aspiration you need. Here are 10 Hyderabad-based fashion bloggers you must follow for all the fashion-love you require.


Tadasha Mishra

What made you start blogging?

I wanted to blog since 2013 but never did and it was purely because I always loved trying permutation and combinations of cloths and keeping up with the trend. In 2017 I realised that if I keep procrastinating I will always have regrets so I just did it. Now my blog is like an own, tiny business which is just mine and it makes me very happy.

How do you get your following?

I’ve got my following because of the content I put up on regular basis and for almost a year now it’s been stuck at the same number. To be honest it does get to me sometimes but then again every time I feel bad that my followers are not increasing I tell myself if it’s not today it’s okay it’ll happen eventually. I know I will never get fake followers and things like that because it gives me a lot of joy to have real people who love my work and give information to people which will help them.

Tell us about the entire process of planning an upload…

I usually edit all my pictures over the weekend and have it transferred to my phone. Everyday around 5.30 I have an alarm that reminds me I have to post. And I get to it. I have and entire note
in my phone that just has hashtags in sections which I choose from and my caption is usually spontaneous.

What is your current fashion obsession?

Layering and maxi dresses is something I am obsessing over

A quote that defines your sense of fashion?

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Describe your blog/insta profile…

Just a girl exploring fashion in her own way

Rapid Fire:

Your fashion inspiration: Audrey Hepburn and Zeenat Aman
Favourite lipstick colour and brand: Jade rose by Nykaa
Best photo spot in the city: Dock 45
Favourite filter on instagram: Ashby

Instagram: @tadashamishra



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