Fahadh Faasil pens a long note ahead of ‘Malik’ release


The actor encourages everyone to watch ‘Malik’ in the best interest of the film

As ‘Malik’ gears up for an OTT release, Fahadh Faasil took to social media to reveal that though he was disappointed that the film couldn’t have a theatrical release, he hoped to have a fresh release once the theatres open. He encouraged all his fans and well wishers to watch the movie in the best interest of the film. He went on to share that he had a major accident during the shoot of Malayankunju and that it was a close call.

Fahadh also spoke about how he fell in love with Nazriya seven years ago  and how she plays an important part in his life.  He says, “7 years of Bangalore days bring back so many good memories. Falling head over heels for nazriya, beginning of my journey with her. I asked her out over a handwritten letter and slipped a ring along. She didn’t say yes. But she didn’t say NO either!! (sic)”

Fahadh went on to say, “I loved being around nazriya. But my thoughts were random. I don’t know if it sounds well now, but at that point there was a lot nazriya had to give up choosing me. It absolutely worried me and I kept fluctuating. Its just when I thought it was all going to be over because I am not strong enough she said, ‘hello, method actor, who do you think you are? It’s just one simple life. pack your bags with everyone and everything you need’. We have been married for 7 years. Even now when I leave the tv remote in the bathroom she asks with the same conviction, “who do you think you are?’. 7 years of Bangalore days have given me a bit more than what I deserve. We work together. We spoil each other. We back each other. We are a team no matter what.” Fahadh has had three OTT releases during the lockdown like C U Soon, Joji and Irul which have all garnered a lot of positive feedback from the audience. Fans are eagerly waiting for Malik’s release next!



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