Fabelle – The Chocolate Boutique At ITC Grand Chola


Fabelle – The one stop destination for the most luxurious chocolate experience

As you walk into the ITC Grand Chola, a little board to the left corner is bound to catch your eye. Fabelle is a in house brand of the ITC food division that is now open in four cities including Chennai. They strive to deliver the ultimate chocolate experience and nothing short of that.


As you walk into this little café there is display of their take away chocolates which are small and beautifully crafted making it the perfect gift for a loved one. But once you read the description and then pop one of these in your mouth you are transported to a chocolate heaven.  The box of chocolates comes in three types. First is the ‘As you like it’ box which is chocolate up that lets you customize your own fillings depending on your preference. We then move on the Ganache which a little pieces of dark or milk chocolate depending on your preference that melts in your mouth the moment you put it in.


We then have the chocolates that are themed based on the five elements which have flavours to bring out a sensation that relates to a certain element. For example they have Ancho chillies for fire and Sea salt for water.


Apart from this Fabelle also serves a range of beverages, all chocolate based of course maintaining a balance between the options of hot and cold. The desserts have been curated and designed with so much care and thought, just a look at them will have your jaw dropping and mouth salivating.  We tried the chocolate flower which bloomed when a warm orange caramel sauce was poured over making it even more exciting than it already was. The fresh fruit balanced out the sweetness perfectly leaving you completely satisfied.


On the whole it is the perfect place to come with your family and try out a few things on the menu. It is a place that does not only satisfy your appetite but also expands your knowledge  with the availability of types of chocolate you might not even have heard of but most of all it satisfies your craving for chocolate like no other place would.



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