F45 training was launched by Washington Sundar in Anna Nagar


The Future of Fitness is now in Anna Nagar

The exclusive Australian fitness studio gives you a one of a kind fitness experience with specialised, high-intensity functional training circuits.

When you walk into the studio, you’re transported into a world of fitness you haven’t seen before, right here in Anna Nagar. Top-notch custom equipment, sleek interiors, flat-screen TVs depicting the proper form for each movement and coaches who set the bar higher than any gym you’ve ever worked out at before. The combination of excellent coaching, modern programming and technology and custom equipment is what sets F45 apart from other fitness centres. With franchises across 27 countries, Anna Nagar now boasts its own at 2nd Avenue, AB Block; and it brings you one of the largest F45 studio in India. What makes F45 the most effective form of training? It combines high-intensity cardio circuits with strength-training and weightlifting to help you burn fat and build lean muscle most effectively. 45 minutes a day with new workouts every single day, you’re constantly challenging yourself and getting stronger every day. The exercises are all functional-based, mimicking everyday movements, thus targeting different parts of the body and helps you burn up to 900 calories in those 45 minutes. The variety and intensity of the workouts ensures that your body gets stronger and leaner faster than you can expect from regular gym training.

Team Training is truly life changing. When you workout in a group, the energy of the class motivates you to push harder and be better. With F45, you’re never alone in your fitness journey. Adding to this, you get the perks of personal training as well. The trainers are well-informed of each client’s fitness level, injuries if any and ability; they are on the floor to assist you at all times, to ensure your form is correct and get you through the workout.

F45 Anna Nagar brings you a luxurious 4250 sq.ft. studio, brand-new custom F45 equipment, and even a DJ every Saturday to pump up the volume on your Saturday Hollywood workout. The trainers of F45 Anna Nagar bring a range of skills to the table, spanning across calisthenics and Crossfit, to martial arts and bodybuilding, and an in-house physiotherapist to aid in injury-prevention. The environment is fun and motivating, which drives you to not miss a single class and more importantly, feel great once you’ve conquered your 45 minute workout for the day! Come on down to the studio and grab a free 7 day trial to experience it yourself and you’ll see why the core of F45 is truly- Innovation, Motivation, Results.




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